Sunday, June 20, 2010

Avila Golf Course was the venue for yesterday's wedding. It was a gorgeous day out at the beach and the big yellow and white tent looked amazing. The theme of the day was 'Beach Elegance' and Linda Renfrow, Events Director, and her talented team had certainly made the Bride's dream a reality. The cake was made up of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors, with chocolate and strawberry fillings. The fondant sparkled with super pearl dust, while white chocolate seashells, roses and ranunculas cascaded in two downward spirals from the top tier. Congratulations Courtney and Eddie! (Photos courtesy of Applemoon Photography)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Another car cake...this time a Porsche...for a graduation party. Adding the little details on this one was a blast; the spoiler, the hubcaps, even the windshield wipers! Actually, the wipers, for some odd reason, was my favorite thing about this cake, probably because they were so dinky and cute! (I know...I'm weird!) If you want to see a couple more photos of this cake in progress, check out my Facebook page. BTW, the cake, itself, was Chocolate Kahlua with Chocolate Buttercream filling.